Welcome to Masters Commission USA!


Masters Commission USA (MCUSA) is a 9-month discipleship program designed to radically develop students into trained, dedicated, and effective disciples of Jesus Christ. Through intentional and dynamic ministry, we at MCUSA prioritize the discovery of gifts and callings in our specific students. We don’t believe in gathering disciples, we believe in creating and sending disciples to all parts of the globe! From local church ministry, missions, or the corporate world, MCUSA is dedicated to helping a generation, “to Know God and Make Him Known”.

How we started:
The movement that began 40 years ago as a small group of people who agreed to dedicate one year of their life to God, has now grown into one of the most powerful intensive discipleship movements in America. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, under the leadership of Pastor Lloyd Zeigler, Masters Commission has spread all across the U.S. and around the world, creating and sending disciples to all areas of the world.

Since inception, Masters Commission has been at the forefront of creating a discipleship movement that has produced thousands of disciples all over the US and the world. With a staff of on-fire, wholehearted disciples who have lived the call and caught the vision of the Master’s Heart, Masters Commission continues to help create disciples out of individuals looking to make a meaningful impact in the world.


Masters Commission USA is a nonprofit institution.

However, we are an education-based nonprofit program and therefore, according to the IRS and many accountants with whom we've checked, our tuition is not a tax-deductible expense.