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Welcome to Masters Commission!

Master's Commission (MCUSA) is a nine-month long discipleship program. Our mission is 'to know God, and to make Him known.' We believe that having an intimate relationship with Christ is the key to being a disciple. We also believe that a disciple must share the truth of the gospel to a lost and dying world. MCUSA  is a place to truly live the life God has called you toward and to become a true disciple of Christ. We are an intense discipleship training center that challenges you to grow an intimate relationship with God and pursue the dreams God has placed before you.
How we started:
Masters Commission is an International discipleship movement. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, it has spread all across the U.S. and around the world. MC has grown into a movement through the leadership of Lloyd Ziegler. Students pledged one year of their life to study the Bible, to scripture memorization, and ministry. Since that time this movement has produced thousands of disciples all over the world.

Real talk:
The point of MCUSA is to build a foundation of prayer and Biblical study through which you will learn how to live "in the world but not be of it". Statistics say that in ten years, two-thirds of teenagers going to youth group won't be in church. Living a life worthy of being called a Christian is serious, it's not a game. You "should" give this time because accomplishing God's will for our lives is impossible without a strong foundation and an intimate relationship with Him.


We are a nonprofit institution.
However, we are an education-based nonprofit program and therefore, according to the IRS and many accountants with whom we've checked, our tuition is not a tax-deductible expense.