Student Life

MCUSA creates environments and experiences that assist students to develop a commitment to lifelong learning in the areas of community life, leadership development and spiritual growth. These two years will be an incredible time of personal growth and we are here to invest in you along the way! We hope your experience here is fruitful and encourages you in your walk with the Lord, your interaction with others, and yourself.

Community life

we will engage in healthy interactions with others that enhance understanding and appreciation of personal and cultural differences. They will become aware of God’s heart for all people, and will accept challenges to sensitively and strategically engage in local, national, and global concerns.

Leadership development

we will engage in ongoing purposeful exploration to recognize and embrace their calling, and will desire to use their vocation to advance the Kingdom of God.


Students will learn to articulate and live out personal and corporate faith in Christ that inspires transformational discipleship, it's bringing the Voice of God to every learning experience and taking it to others.