Allow us to Introduce Ourselves...

Masters Commission is a dynamic discipleship and leadership program designed to equip young adults (18-25) for personal and spiritual growth, guiding them towards impactful Christian living. Whether you're a young adult seeking direction, a person called to ministry, or a senior pastor looking for a transformative opportunity for members within your congregation, Masters Commission offers a life-changing journey that combines rigorous training, hands-on experience, and deep community intended to foster the heart of a disciple and sets participants on a lifelong pursuit of fulfilling God's purpose for their lives.

MCUSA is more than a Bible school, Theological Seminary, or Evangelistic outreach program. It is a nine-month fully immersive experience that places students in a real-world training environment and exposes them to biblical training/courses, hands-on dynamic ministry, missions, mentorship, street evangelism, leadership, life skills training, and much more.    

Masters Commission is not opposed to traditional forms of education, nor is it intended to replace any of them. We simply believe that nine months fully dedicated to God is an effective option that has proven to prepare each student with the necessary life skills to propel them further in whatever they choose to do. Because of this, Masters is not only beneficial for those who feel called to ministry, but for anyone with the desire to live a full, effective life. Some of our students attend the Masters Commission before attending a school of learning.

Real talk...

Statistics say that in ten years, two-thirds of teenagers going to youth groups won't be in church or claim any religious affiliation at all. According to Pew Research, the size of this group encompasses one-fifth of American young adults under 30. Some have labeled this young, religiously unaffiliated generation, as the "Nones."

Masters Commission is set on changing this statistic and creating disciples to break the trend and set a new culture of a young generation who is sold out and living out loud for Christ.

MCUSA is designed to be a life-changing experience, but the reality is that meaningful and positive life changes don’t come easily. They require dedication, commitment, and consistency. MCUSA is designed to challenge each student and empower them in areas of strength. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Areas of Focus: 

Dynamic Discipleship

Hands-on Ministry Training

Academic Excellence

Leadership Development

Service and Outreach

Personal Growth & Responsibility


To learn more specifics about the Areas of Focus and to see a sample schedule, please visit the link below!